Unrealized Potential

A charge to continue growing

After months of studying my unique purpose, I eventually came up with two phrases which describe it. I am here to enhance efforts and inspire growth. They are similar enough, but I couldn’t figure out how they relate to each other.


Until the other day, when wife gave me just the right phrase to tie them together.

Less but Better

Realizing our own potential

Leadership Vacuum is an experiment in encouraging others to fill the void of leadership at home, at work, and personally. It is also a lesson for me to understand discipline and creation and shipping ideas. Not to mention learn about leadership. Yet it is no longer the priority.


It’s time to prioritize the one thing I will absolutely regret not doing before I die.

You Don’t Have to be Good at Everything

So stop trying already!

We know it is silly, yet we all fall for it. It’s a trap which keeps us going on a treadmill of misery. We wake up every day trying to be better, stronger, and faster. But the problem is not the desire.


The problem is how we assume it is even possible to be better, stronger, and faster at everything. We believe we can have it all. What a lie! Let’s stop believing it already.

A Thousand Discussions

Many conversations about money lead to marital growth

Someone once asked how my wife and I got on the same page financially. I thought for a moment before answering, “A thousand discussions about money.”


Our financial growth started in 2009 while listening to Financial Peace University on a road trip. We kept pausing the audio to discuss the concepts. It was all brand new to us, so we needed to figure out how we would apply what we were learning.

Getting on the same page with your spouse is not a quick process. That was the first of a thousand discussions which have dramatically improved our marriage.

All because we began to agree about money.

Hoping for You to Hit Rock Bottom Soon

The agonizing wait for you to realize it's not working

Can you think of people who are in a bad place in life, yet they keep trying to make it work? Things are slowly getting worse, and it’s hard to watch a friend stick to his guns and go down with the ship. Maybe your friends are thinking this right now, about you.


The problem is things aren’t quite bad enough to fix. Nothing is forcing you to change and grow. Sadly, things will get worse before they get better.

So you remain in a slow downward spiral, unaware, while those who love you watch, worry, and pray for something — anything — to get your attention.