Commute Calculator

What is your roundtrip commute time in minutes?

Your commute costs you…


Don’t believe it?
Roundtrip in Minutes x 5 Days x 48 Weeks / 60 Minutes = Total Hours

I commute that much each year?! What can I do about it?

  1. Consider your options during your commute. Do you want to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or language lessons? Pray? Call friends?
  2. Decide specifically what you will do with that time.
  3. Write down your goal, detailing how and when you will act on it.
    Example 1: Sign up for a free trial to during lunch today.
    Example 2: Listen to language lessons on the way home every day.
  4. Pick a book or a podcast and get started! Don’t make this a huge commitment. Just start.

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Thank you, Adam Blackerby, for creating this calculator!

So… How are you spending your commute time?