How to Read 20 Books in Your Spare Time

You can read twenty books — every year. I loathe ridiculous claims and guarantees and click-bait titles, but I’m very serious.

Now what if it wouldn’t take any extra time? And, what if I said you wouldn’t have to flip one page or even look at a book?


I know what you’re thinking. No way. How?

You have dozens of hours you can use for reading. And no, I am not talking about your free time.

You just need a little perspective.

Your commute is an excellent time to read.

I get it, I should listen in the car. But how will I get through 20 books in one year?

Let’s do the math. The average one-way commute time is 25 minutes (feel free to verify my research). In my recent experience, the average non-fiction audiobook is 10 hours.

Using the commute calculator, a 50-minute roundtrip commute costs you 200 hours each year.

Two hundred hours divided by ten hours equals 20 audiobooks.

And all without spending a moment of your free time!

[Ten hours per book is my rough estimate. Even if the average is 12.5 hours, it still comes to 16 books a year.]

Are you on board yet?! You really can read without sitting alone at home flipping pages. Without blocking off your evenings and weekends. All while just traveling to work and back.

So how do I get started? is a wealth of good audiobooks. If you need more inspiration, read this post.

Other than that, just start listening already!

What’s stopping you from reading? Is it a valid reason or a lame excuse?

  • Thanks for the reminder. I’ve used Overdrive once or twice, and it’s a great option for no cost. I prefer to own the books so I can listen again and again, and the controls on the Audible app worked better with smartphone accessories (last time I checked).

  • Lannea

    You can also rent audiobooks for free from many library systems. Overdrive media is a free app that can connect you with many libraries.