Unrealized Potential

A charge to continue growing

After months of studying my unique purpose, I eventually came up with two phrases which describe it. I am here to enhance efforts and inspire growth. They are similar enough, but I couldn’t figure out how they relate to each other.


Until the other day, when wife gave me just the right phrase to tie them together.

Less but Better

Realizing our own potential

Leadership Vacuum is an experiment in encouraging others to fill the void of leadership at home, at work, and personally. It is also a lesson for me to understand discipline and creation and shipping ideas. Not to mention learn about leadership. Yet it is no longer the priority.


It’s time to prioritize the one thing I will absolutely regret not doing before I die.

You Don’t Have to be Good at Everything

So stop trying already!

We know it is silly, yet we all fall for it. It’s a trap which keeps us going on a treadmill of misery. We wake up every day trying to be better, stronger, and faster. But the problem is not the desire.


The problem is how we assume it is even possible to be better, stronger, and faster at everything. We believe we can have it all. What a lie! Let’s stop believing it already.


Wealth is not what you think it is

What good is money to you? Is it stuff? Is it status or power? Nothing is wrong with these. However, I find that when most people say they want more money, they really want options.


But what if you could have options now?

Oxygen Mask

Fighting the urge to take care of everyone except yourself

Some of us have a serious problem not helping others. We give time, resources, and money until we are overbooked, drained, and broke. We give until we are bitter, empty, and exhausted. And sometimes, we are sad we couldn’t help more! This is a problem.


You enjoy helping people. I have the same disease. Why say no when it’s only a little inconvenient? Why charge money when you can give it away? Why not go the extra mile, and the next?

Because it’s selfish.

Switching Cell Phone Carriers

A proud plug for a company with a soul

I recently switched cell phone carriers. Though I never had any significant problems with the old carrier, it never rang the excellence bell. That, and my favorite cell phone carrier was suddenly an option again…


We switched from Straight Talk to Ting, and I’m thrilled to be back.

No One Talks About the Risks

And boy do I wish we would discuss them more

When we discuss finances — loans, payments, credit cards, investments, and mortgages — there is usually one important item missing from the discussion: risk.


It’s scary how much we ignore it. Perhaps we hope that if we don’t even acknowledge risk, we can’t be harmed by it.

The Quickest Way to Get a Raise

Be intentional with your money and put every last dollar to work

No matter your current situation, you can get a raise. It’s not a trendy new concept. It’s not even hard. It’s a matter of financial discipline.


Be forewarned, though. It requires following two simple (but not necessarily easy) steps.

I Forget Companies Like This Still Exist

And it makes me sad every time I remember

I collect good stories about business. I eat up examples of good people working at good companies who make good products and do customer service with excellence. I cherish every model company who actively treats people well, from team members to customers to stockholders.


I just can’t get enough of it. I find these stories undeniably encouraging. They hint at the many benefits of capitalism and the entrepreneurial spirit. They make me desire to find something — anything — and make it better.

But I apparently think about these things so often that I forget the other kind of companies still exist.

Spending Doesn’t Have to be Evil

Taking the shock and fear out of purchases

Wife needed some clothes. She was long overdue and I trust her judgment. So we budgeted $100 that month for clothes, even though she didn’t find anything. She looked off and on for another two months, until one day when she was about to spend $300 on clothing she just found.


Gasp. Time to clutch my chest and feel the agony of spending money. And such a big amount!

At least, that’s how everything went early in our marriage. Wife would say we needed to make a purchase and I — not knowing enough of our finances to be very involved — would go into panic lock-down mode.

This time, though, it was peaceful.