Wealth is not what you think it is

What good is money to you? Is it stuff? Is it status or power? Nothing is wrong with these. However, I find that when most people say they want more money, they really want options.


But what if you could have options now?

A good part of wealth is having options. It’s a state of mind we can embrace. Now let’s word it better.

Wealth is realizing the options you have right now.

You have the option to find a better job. Or to start a small business. Or to take painting lessons. Or to practice your favorite instrument. Or to take a walk every day.

You have the option to go back to school. Or to get more sleep. Or to quit people pleasing. Or to call up your old friend you wish you would call but never do.

Or to stand up for what is right.

Few of us realize our options. Thus, we remain poor, despite our income.

Options are not expensive. Find them, and stop holding yourself back.

How wealthy are you if you based it on the options you realize? What options are you ignoring?