Unrealized Potential

A charge to continue growing

After months of studying my unique purpose, I eventually came up with two phrases which describe it. I am here to enhance efforts and inspire growth. They are similar enough, but I couldn’t figure out how they relate to each other.


Until the other day, when wife gave me just the right phrase to tie them together.

I was frustrated about something I couldn’t solve easily. Nothing was wrong, but I was nevertheless dissatisfied with how a situation resolved.

After listening to me whine, she gave me the phrase I needed. “You hate unrealized potential.”

This resonates deep within me. It brings my two purposes into alignment.

I exist to help people realize their potential by inspiring personal growth and enhancing their efforts.

Wife and I are going nowhere if we are not going forward. Coasting means going backward. Not growing means shrinking. Being passive is the same as giving up. If we have the same conversations year after year, there is a big problem.

I hate unrealized potential. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog. (It’s also the reason I’m moving on to work on Team Ralon.) I get sad when people pass up opportunities to learn and grow. I can’t stand seeing people avoid progress for the sake of comfort or habit.

Slow and steady wins the race. Incremental growth pays huge dividends over time. Think of the applications.

Exercising for physical health. Reading for mental health. Resting for emotional health. Saving for emergencies. Contributing for retirement. Practicing instruments to achieve musical mastery. Maintenance to preserve your home and vehicles. Preparing over time instead of cramming the night before.

One more — working at relationships for deeper connection.

There is no competition for being you. It’s a contest you can win merely by not giving up! Yet all too often, we throw in the towel and forfeit to — well, no one.

Realizing your potential is difficult to do. But is it easy staying in the same place for the rest of your life?

Enough discussion. Look around. Make a permanent mental note of where you are right now. Next, imagine where you could be. Where you will be. There are plenty of things only you can do. But before you can accomplish them, you must realize your potential.

If you check out, you leave a vacuum which cannot be filled.

Now get growing already. And never come back here again.

What is one thing only you can do? Name one way you will make slow, incremental progress on it today.