Oxygen Mask

Fighting the urge to take care of everyone except yourself

Some of us have a serious problem not helping others. We give time, resources, and money until we are overbooked, drained, and broke. We give until we are bitter, empty, and exhausted. And sometimes, we are sad we couldn’t help more! This is a problem.


You enjoy helping people. I have the same disease. Why say no when it’s only a little inconvenient? Why charge money when you can give it away? Why not go the extra mile, and the next?

Because it’s selfish.

No One Talks About the Risks

And boy do I wish we would discuss them more

When we discuss finances — loans, payments, credit cards, investments, and mortgages — there is usually one important item missing from the discussion: risk.


It’s scary how much we ignore it. Perhaps we hope that if we don’t even acknowledge risk, we can’t be harmed by it.

What Would You Do with Money?

Gazing miles ahead to find motivation for discipline now

Take a moment to think big. Not just big — huge! This is your chance to dream of what you could and would do with an unthinkable sum of money in the bank. Work is optional, and you are free to do what you are most passionate about. Take a few moments and imagine what you would do.


What would you do with your time? Would you work doing what you love? Would you travel? Would you buy some nice stuff? Would you move? Would you give away to good causes? Would you invest it and make it grow?

You need to think about it. You need to get excited about what you would do with money. Here’s why.

Future Me is Not Going to Like This!

The struggle for long or short term control of your money

Meet my two personalities — it’s just possible they make you think about your own. Future Me is quiet, patient, and wise. Good for him. On the other hand, we have Present Me. Let’s just say he is a bit impulsive.


They’re so different. One has no concept of the future, while the other will not be sweet-talked into what feels good at the time.

Interesting things happen depending on who is steering the ship.

When You Can’t Have Any Brownies

The result of wanting what you can't have

It’s fascinating how badly we want what we cannot have. Specifically, let’s apply the concept to food. After that, let’s switch to money.


In college, wife was trying to lose a few pounds. She tried to be strict about her food intake. No second helpings, no candy, and no dessert.

But in the stress of the moment, she found herself collapsing under the weight of her desire for brownies she couldn’t have.

And she gave in.