Future Me is Not Going to Like This!

The struggle for long or short term control of your money

Meet my two personalities — it’s just possible they make you think about your own. Future Me is quiet, patient, and wise. Good for him. On the other hand, we have Present Me. Let’s just say he is a bit impulsive.


They’re so different. One has no concept of the future, while the other will not be sweet-talked into what feels good at the time.

Interesting things happen depending on who is steering the ship.

Present Me looks longingly at the balance in our savings. He dreams of sports cars and bigger apartments and couches nice enough to be your bed. He loves eating out every night. And don’t get him started on the toys — er, technology — he wants to buy.

He talks big, acts fast, flirts with pleasure, and has no long game whatsoever.

If Present Me ever takes the wheel for too long, he’ll have a fun six months doing whatever feels good. Not only will he discontinue any retirement saving — he’ll take the huge tax hit and cash it out!

After all, who can wait that long to enjoy the good life?

Future Me is logical, planned, and methodical. He makes spreadsheets for mortgage amortization to talk himself out of buying a home with nothing down. He decides to love and maintain older vehicles. He is excited about a tough economy because all of his on-going investments go on sale. He longs to add maximum value to customers to earn more money to be able to give to worthy projects.

To others he seems ridiculous, absurdly practical, and has all the appeal of a wet blanket.

If Future Me keeps in the driver’s seat, long term goals will be achieved. Contentment will be default. Delayed gratification will put desires in their rightful place on my list. Not only will he dream big, he will set plans in motion with actions and have friends hold him accountable.

Future Me does what is best for Present Me, even though Present Me has no respect for any of it.

Though the daily struggle between these two personalities is a bit exhausting, there is a trick.

Present Me gets quieter and quieter with every day he takes the backseat. And Future Me gains faith and momentum to follow through on long term, big picture, God-sized goals.

Which personality has been in control of you recently?