A Few Fine Tastes

Being selective about your luxuries

Having nice things is not a problem. By all means, have some. However, wanting everything to be nice all the time will leave you broke — if not massively in debt. Instead, what if you only had a few fine tastes? Wouldn’t you be able to afford them?


In most cases, yes — assuming your short list doesn’t include a mansion and a Bugatti Veyron supercar.

The trick is being intentionally selective about your fine tastes. Too many, and your lifestyle will suffocate your income.

Money is easy enough to count. Countless tools make budgeting straight-forward, and smartphones make it easy to check your checking account balance. So what’s the problem?

In many cases, the problem is wanting too much nice stuff.

I recently met someone who wears stylish clothes. Her hair is done up nicely, and I have no idea how many fashionable pairs of shoes she owns. She loves fancy jewelry, as well.

But yesterday, for the first time, I saw what car she drives.

Her car is a late eighties Honda Civic. It is two-toned due to peeling paint, has dents on every side, and looks ridiculous without any hubcaps. Far be it for me to judge, but this car was just plain ugly.

Let’s just say I know how she can afford to dress so stylishly!

Wait a minute — fancy clothes and a crappy car? If this seems odd to you, you have missed the point.

Say what you want about her taste in vehicles, but she understands what it means to be focused and intentional. She enjoys fashion and clothing so much that she has sacrificed other facets of her life to leave more money for it.

What a clear sense of style as her priority. How respectable!

She deserves our attention because she clearly shows deference to her priority. I bet if you look at her checkbook, it will confirm our suspicions.

You can easily set aside your money for a few luxuries. You can afford to travel more, set aside for retirement, and wear fancy clothes.

But this means sacrificing the new BMW, the jet skis, and constant fine dining. (Replace each item with whatever appeals to you.)

It’s all about being selective and intentional, focusing your money on only what is most important.

Are you willing to make sacrifices to fund your priorities?