Why Traffic Doesn’t Bother Me As Much Anymore

Don’t you just hate traffic on your commute? There’s nothing like a backup to derail what could have been a peaceful drive.

I felt the same way, until I discovered Mobile University.


Now, I’m a bit less concerned with the time it takes to get to and from work. If an accident backs up traffic, I no longer get upset.

It just means more time to learn and grow.

Zig Ziglar called it Automobile University, but I found the title a bit exclusive of motorcycles — my transportation of choice.

Mobile University is an excellent use of your commuting time. This is your opportunity to listen to language CDs, catch up on educational podcasts, or read.

Two years ago, I dove into audiobooks — and I haven’t recovered yet! I find visual books require a level of focus difficult for me to achieve reliably at home.

But I love engaging my ears while using the rest of my body to commute. I wouldn’t be surprised to know engaging in educational materials sharpens driving skills.

It works for The Stig, doesn’t it?

Now, when I see nothing but taillights for the next mile, I smile. With a calming breath, I soak in the extra time for growth. So can you.

Bring it on.

What would you like to learn? How can you do it while driving?