How to Read 7 Books in 7 Days

Normally, I aim to read five books each month. But this past week, I flew through seven books in seven days!

And you can do it, too. You most likely have plenty of time to read books every day, whether you realize it or not.

Not buying it? Read on.

Yes, I really did read seven books in one week. It was actually 8 books, but “7 Books in 7 Days” has a nice ring to it. And yes, they were all full-length books. All this while camping, spending time with friends, and riding my motorcycle in the mountains for two thousand miles.

I read these eight books during the week before writing this post:

  1. Made to Stick – Chip & Dan Heath
  2. Vagabonding – Rolf Potts
  3. 20,000 Days and Counting – Robert D. Smith
  4. The Seven Decisions – Andy Andrews
  5. Love Does – Bob Goff
  6. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  7. David and Goliath – Malcolm Gladwell
  8. The Alchemist – Paul Coelho

You’re probably thinking. “Wait — what’s the trick? How did you find the time to read while doing all of that?”

One word: audiobooks.

You can read books easily and often, just by listening. No tricks or gimmicks. Just great use of available resources.

Sometime ago, I realized how much time I spend travelling each year. I then made it a priority to use my commute time to my advantage. Thus, I discovered audiobooks.

I had plenty of time on the road during my week-long trip, and I spent it all reading.

If you are interested, (an Amazon company) is a great place to start. It’s a subscription service that costs $15 a month for 1 credit. That credit is payment for any audiobook, even those worth more than $15. They have other plans. Aside from the subscription, you can always buy any book at any time with a significant discount.

Summary: $15 a month equals one audiobook a month.

I was skeptical of Audible’s subscription at first. I didn’t want to pay every month.

But now, I’m thrilled to have books so easily accessible. The subscription pretty much guarantees I will read at least one book a month, without even trying.

It’s encouraging to make so much progress during time I previously wasted! Now it’s your turn…

What are some books you want to read but don’t have time to? How many books could you read if you started listening to them instead?