A Thousand Discussions

Many conversations about money lead to marital growth

Someone once asked how my wife and I got on the same page financially. I thought for a moment before answering, “A thousand discussions about money.”


Our financial growth started in 2009 while listening to Financial Peace University on a road trip. We kept pausing the audio to discuss the concepts. It was all brand new to us, so we needed to figure out how we would apply what we were learning.

Getting on the same page with your spouse is not a quick process. That was the first of a thousand discussions which have dramatically improved our marriage.

All because we began to agree about money.

There’s no shortcut. It’s a slow process, growing one financial decision at a time. But it’s not just about making and sticking to a budget. That will happen if you work on this together, day after day.

It’s really about improving your relationship with your spouse. The money is merely the application of your growth.

Imagine how many good conversations you have had with your spouse about money. Are you listening to each other? Are you guys getting better at understanding money together? Are you at least better than when you started?

That’s the goal. That’s growth.

And that’s how you and your spouse get on the same page financially.

How many good discussions have you had with your spouse about money? If you are single, how many good discussions have you had with a trusted friend or mentor?