It Needs to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

I see a woman throwing verbal jabs at her husband across the dinner, flaunting her superiority in the relationship. A wedge is driven further between them. What long term results will this have on their marriage?

I see a man with no time and barely any money for his family. His skills are in high demand, yet he charges too little and takes the worst jobs because he has no self esteem. How much would loving himself change things?


I just can’t stop seeing things through the lens of pride. It’s sad.

But you know what? It’s needs to get worse before it gets better.

Have you ever cleaned a messy garage or basement? Imagine every shelf is full and there are piles of worthless junk on the floor. There are some very important items hidden somewhere which prevent you from carelessly throwing it all in the trash.

But as bad as it is, it’s still not quite bad enough to force you to clean it up.

There’s still a small path through it all and one shelf with some room on it. So you continue amassing junk until something forces you to change.

This is how I feel about those of you suffering from pride.

Everyone around you can see the problems stacking up. They see pride at the wheel, leaving a wake of destruction with your name on it.

The proud person, however, cannot see the problem yet — it is still firmly in his blind spot. He is a slave to it, yet he has no idea. So he continues trying a method which will never work.

The bad news? Before this can get any better, it’s needs to get worse.

The good news? The proud person can give up and change whenever ready.

Are you still speeding in the wrong direction? Or are you distancing yourself from pride to embrace growth?