To All Those Who Can’t Say It

Do you know a guy who seems to have an answer to any and every question? Think about an experience you have had with him or her. You ask him something and he always has an answer.

But do you ever wonder if the answer is correct? Or is it just something he made up on the spot and presented with confidence?


It’s like he can’t just say, “I don’t know.

This is a telltale symptom of — you guessed it — pride.

When I encounter this guy, it makes me reluctant to trust him in the future. I think back to other encounters and advice I he told me and wonder if everything has been bogus.

All for the sake of being the guy with all the answers. All to avoid saying three words. All just to save some dignity.

Yet it costs something much more valuable than dignity — trust.

Does this sound like a good trade? Why or why not?