Pay Now or Pay Later

I’m fascinated with the timing of actions. There’s something powerful about making them early instead of late. Actions and their consequences build up momentum over time, whether good or bad.


Let’s use money as an analogy. Money tends to earn interest when left alone, right? This can work for or against you.

When you have money, interest adds to your savings. When you owe money, interest adds to your debt. This is a natural consequence of financial decisions.

Let’s switch the analogy, and use these terms instead: the action taken, time, and the consequences involved.

When you make act early, the consequences increase over time. Remember, this can be good or bad. When you make a good decision later on, consequences don’t have as much time to build up.

Thus, it’s great to make good decisions as early as possible to maximize the consequences.

Actions have a cost. You can pay now or pay later to get the same result. It’s entirely your choice.

If you choose now, you pay less.

But if you choose later, it will cost you much more.

What consequences do you desire? Are you willing to start paying for them now?