Afraid to Make Mistakes

Mistakes expose gaps between expectations and reality. Making them leads to breakthroughs and success which are otherwise hidden. Imagine all which were made while discovering modern common principles of art, engineering, math, music, physics, and technology.

Willingness to make mistakes is unavoidable on the path to growth.


So why are we afraid to make them?

Western culture rewards results — as fast as possible, the more the better. Existing successful strategies are less risky, because they produce results. New strategies are a big risk. So is research and experimentation. It wastes valuable time on the unknown when you could be achieving results now.

This is one theory, anyway. Let’s try another.

Our pride is at stake with every mistake made. Every miss and failure is a painful blow to ego and self-worth as determined by those nearby. Each one unnecessarily delays results.

Those of us who are slaves to pride are afraid to make mistakes. We avoid unproven ideas and experimentation. We cling to what we know because it produces short term results and — more importantly — affirms our identity.


It ends with fear of looking stupid by making mistakes.

It starts with pride.

Do you see a link between mistakes and pride?