Lie About the Best

It’s such a temptation to curate your own image. To manipulate your role as projectionist: portraying only the best side while hiding the worst.


Where does that path lead? In the short term, it’s a get out of jail free card. An escape from an embarrassing situation. A way to save face and prevent judgment.

In the long term, it leads to the realization you are a phony. Lacking authenticity.

Incapable of being yourself.

It’s hard to feel connected to the person who hides her flaws. How can you trust her? How can you feel like she will embrace you and your imperfections if she fails to embrace the reality of herself?

This projection keeps others at a distance.

Have you ever felt your project image drifting away from who you truly are? When I find myself wearing this mask, it eats away at me. It is a chain and anchor around my neck, and a wall keeping me from connecting with others.

I hate it. I have lost years of my life for the sake of maintaining this dichotomy of self. To making you think I am a great guy. To bragging about strengths and changing the topic before it gets to weaknesses. To maintaining two selves for your entertainment and pleasure and approval.

Despite years of practicing this feeble art, though, another option has been waiting in the eaves.

How much better to be honest about the worst than lie about the best.

One yields connection. The other despair.

What lies do you tell through your actions and appearances? What are you afraid of?