Why I’ll Keep Writing Even If Nobody is Reading

I am drawn to write. I have to write.

It is a pressure which builds up and must be released.

If I stopped writing, I would still need to write poems. Or journal. Or plan out a book in my mind. Or come up with dozens of fresh ideas every week. Or, if nothing else, write long, deep emails to close friends.


Eventually, it would build up until the energy explodes into a book or another blog or some other output.

It just comes out. It must.

If I make this sound easy at all, let me try again. Every word must be ripped thread by thread from my vulnerable non-conscious and seduced onto the page, if not forced there at gunpoint. There they are hacked into bits with machetes of reason and persuasion before they can stitched back together. Even then, every word is stirred over a fire and boiled down to only what supports the main point.

But why?

I am passionate about writing for your sake. Yes, even if you don’t read it. Even if no one ever reads these words, I will not move on. This is my outpost. My bent. My service to God and others. When I embrace my calling I live. When I avoid it, I die.

I crack the whip on myself each morning to find and funnel any wisdom I can find and leave hints of it here as breadcrumbs begging you down the path of growth.

It’s a bloody process.

Yet this process allows me to pump my fingers as pistons in an engine, churning thoughts into ideas and ideas into inspiration and inspiration into growth.

Which is really the reason why I’m here, typing away.


My passion is to prepare these messages for you. To engage you in the thought process. To pull your comments from you. To grow alongside you.

This post is for you.

Even if you continue to fight your desire to learn. Even if you never care.

These words are here for you briefly. To guide you when you are ready to read them. To plant the seed of a new perspective. To move forward. To change in a good and pure way.

Just beware of the truth I cannot control.

The words will not wait for you very long.

Many people confuse living with being alive. Are you alive?