Rise Above the Task

You keep getting overwhelmed by the task at hand. It is too much, or so it seems. All you can see is the obstacle in your path.

You know better than that.


You are tremendously capable. You have conquered mountains before, so why should you let this puddle stop you?

You have got to get your nose out of the fog and rise above the task.

Rise, because you know better. Rise, because you have beaten enemies far greater than this. Rise, because you are wasting all of your energy and resources whining about it instead of proceeding to adventures beyond.

Rise, so you can see what is just past this obstacle — not to mention the treasures down the road. Rise, so you will realize this is a minor problem which won’t matter tomorrow. Rise, so you can achieve the much grander task God has created for you and you alone.

It only matters that you conquer this task. The task itself does not matter at all. There will be plenty more tedious and arduous and painful tasks after this one, and you will surmount them all just as you have done now.

What is your alternative? Give up? Ha! This will only make the obstacle more treacherous and scary when you face it days, weeks, or years from now.

And you will be forced to face it again if you do not conquer it now!

Adversity is preparation for greatness.

No more whining. No more undermining the system which placed the task in your hands.

This is war, and your only choice is to win.

Otherwise, you will return again and again only to hopelessly admit defeat to something which has no power over you.

Stop steering away from the storm. No more avoiding the very thing which will make you stronger, sharper, and more resilient.

If you only rise above it.

Resolve right now not to back down from the obstacle in front of you. Make a specific plan to overcome it once and for all.