The Best X is the One You Y

If you want to drive yourself crazy with envy, just imagine everything available that is better than what you own right now.

Your toaster is endlessly mediocre, for instance, and the best toaster ever made is out there somewhere. And that toaster is absolutely incredible and is just waiting for you to buy it after reading one hundred reviews online (just to confirm, of course).


Cars, looks, technology, trips, jobs, furniture — remember, the best possessions available are not possessed by you. Nearly anything can remind you how little you really own (in comparison to some ideal entity which apparently owns everything wonderful).

So then, what are the best things around?

Let’s find out. And maybe we can breed some contentment while we’re at it.

The best car is the one you drive anywhere you need to go.

The best camera is the one you take pictures with.

The best instrument is the one you practice (and play).

The best motorcycle is the one you ride.

The best job is the one you work hard at.

The best friend is the one you open up to.

See the pattern?

Now you try your own by leaving a comment in this pattern:

The best ________ is the one you ________.

It’s true. The best anything is not out there. It’s in your possession already.

At the end of the day, contentment is depends a bit on using your possessions as they were intended. Enjoying and maintaining them doesn’t hurt, either!

Make your own statement about contentment like the examples above.

  • The best diet/exercise regimen/discipline technique is the one you stick with.


    The best inbox is the one that’s empty.