How to Ruin Anything

Want to know how to ruin anything? Your job, your family, holidays, and many other great and wonderful events?


It’s simple! Just follow my quick and easy formula.

How to Ruin Anything

  1. Live in denial.
  2. It’s great. Why confront reality when you can envision your own?

  3. Get your hopes up.
  4. Breed unrealistic expectations and grasp onto your ideals and envision your personal utopia daily.

  5. Make plans on the ideal outcome.
  6. Everything will be as good as you hope it will be. You can take that to the bank!

  7. Crash and burn when reality fails to meet your expectations.
  8. Man, and this time I was sure it would be absolutely perfect, just like I imagined a thousand times.

Expectations aren’t exactly dangerous, but they can be a real jerk. We set ’em up but they knock us down. Every time.

When we walk in the door with a gameplan written in stone and life rips it up, it’s a rotten day. When we change with our environment and allow our plans to change, we can often find a much better subplot in our story.

You still need a plan, but you need margin and flexibility for when things change.

Does that make sense?

Let’s establish the other guardrail, before anyone goes off the deep end.

The opposite of ridiculous expectations would be hopelessness. Carelessness. Don’t spend your time here either.

Either guardrail hurts and leaves you reeling in frustration as your experiences lie in ruin.

But between expectations and hopelessness is a wide area where you can be free to enjoy the gift of life.

When you lock in on how life will go, is there any way for you not to be disappointed?