Margaritas on the Beach

Alice the underling asked me what I would do if there was no need for me to work. If I had millions of dollars and didn’t need to work and could do anything with my time, what would I do?

I’m glad she asked, and I’ve thought about this a ton — I would lounge on the beach and drink margaritas.

Apparently this was not the type of answer Alice was seeking. She thought carefully for a moment and asked the question differently. After I had my margaritas on the beach and rested for a few weeks or months, what would I enjoy doing even if I wasn’t paid for it?

Unphased, I answered — I would lounge on the beach and drink margaritas! There is no “after.”

That’s right! My bucket list consists of a single item. (Well, technically it’s two items: margaritas, and the beach.)

I’m still not sure what Alice was getting at, but I’ve already got this one figured out. Sipping margaritas on the beach really is my end goal. That is my entire motivation for getting up every morning and working my tail off and being an awesome boss. Is there any better answer than that?

Like my recent post, it makes me wonder what crap people use to motivate themselves. Whatever they use, it’s nothing compared to making a huge pile of money… so you can make an even bigger pile of money… so you can eventually waste away on a beach knocking back margaritas. Money is the first goal, and the penultimate — but ultimately, sun, sand, and salty mixed drinks win out overall.

One day Alice will figure it out.

W. Albert Jameson, IV

On the other hand…
Analyze your existence. Think through your life’s current trajectory and see if you like where it will end. Your end goal might be very superficial, in which case you need to aim much higher. Contrarily, your end goal might be great, but you are not doing what is necessary to reach it.

Either way, adjust course and set your life on a great path that ends at a goal worth reaching.

Imagine you are on your deathbed. Of all the things you wanted to accomplish but never did, what one thing do you regret not doing the most? How can you work that goal into your activities today?