Money as Motivation

I have an app on my phone which supplies my motivation by telling me three things: the amount of money I make every minute, the cumulative amount of money I have made today, and my current net worth.

That’s all I need to keep me going, even on the roughest of days. I mean, really — what motivation aside from money could anyone ever need?!

And success, of course. Right behind that are materialism and the envy of all my friends…

When I am bored or have trouble avoiding my employees, I take out my smartphone and just stare at the app. The ever-increasing amount of money I have made that day brings motivation and happiness to my heart for at least several seconds.

(Sometimes, those two fade so quickly I have to leave the app open for hours so I can continue being awesome.)

I’ve heard of people gathering motivation from various other topics, but I don’t understand it at all. People find fulfillment and satisfaction in the silliest of things that don’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things.

Useless Sources of Motivation

  • Family
  • Security
  • Helping Others
  • Religion
  • Meaning & Purpose

The items in the list above can’t be measured or quantified. They are silly when compared to money, success, and the desire to buy as much stuff as possible. They are intangible, insignificant things that will not provide enough motivation to keep me going — especially when I see the stupid things my underlings have just done!

Financially Motivated,
W. Albert Jameson, IV

On the other hand…
Money is often used to motivate and measure happiness, merely because it is so easy to quantify. However, it is temporal and the happiness gained from money is fleeting. It will never be enough to motivate you, nor will it ever satisfy you.

You have been built and designed with a purpose and a calling. Discovering what those are will lead you to motivation independent of bank account balances or investments.

What motivates you? What has failed to motivate you in the past?