I Completely Forgot to Write This Post

How LV is getting better with every iteration

At 10:30 on Tuesday night, I realized there was no post scheduled for Wednesday morning. Oops.


So here I am at 6am on Wednesday writing about how I forgot to write this much earlier.

I offer no excuses, though I will share what I was doing instead.

Last night, wife and I were redesigning the entire website. We purchased Michael Hyatt’s “Get Noticed!” theme for WordPress and spent the last two days configuring it. It’s not “done” by any means, but it’s a viable iteration we can live with.

Most importantly, though, it was time to ship.

Leadership Vacuum is all about growth. If you’ve been reading this for some time now, thank you sincerely for being a fan so early on. But if you’re not drawn in yet — if this is too rough for you — that’s completely fine. I’d rather you stop by later when Leadership Vacuum is refined and polished after many more iterations. Think of each iteration as a growth ring.

Wife and I have a “huge picture” mindset when it comes to life. We’ll take an hour now to save a minute here and there later. We’ll spend years to refine skills needed later in life. We plant seeds which won’t mature for decades.

Thus, we see Leadership Vacuum as an incubator for growth and figuring out how express ideas.

Perhaps you will enjoy the new website design. But if you don’t, that’s fine.

It will eventually change again, for the better.

Are you afraid to point out your own growing pains?