Typing with a Flat Tire

What could you do if you knew how to type well? Not the two-fingered “hunt and peck” method — I mean using muscle memory so you can type quickly without looking at the keys. Imagine removing the bottleneck in your productivity so your words can keep up with your thoughts.


Would you type reports and answer emails faster? Would you write code more effectively? Or would you finally start writing your book?

My coworker wants to make an app for his smartphone. It’s a valiant goal, with a significant obstacle: He doesn’t know how to code.

No problem. He’s bright and determined, so he decided to learn Python, a popular coding language. But there’s another problem.

He is very slow at typing.

He might as well take a cross country road trip with a flat tire.

His goal has several obstacles he has to tackle in order before he can even address his original idea. I asked how he was going to learn how to type, and he told me about Ratatype — a free online typing tutorial.

Out of curiosity, I made an account and tried many exercises. (Feel free to friend me once you make your own account.) Ratatype will definitely help you train your fingers where to go. If you spend some time practicing their lessons, you will learn how to type.

In conclusion…

We’ve seen how not knowing how to type can hold you back.

You know of a tool which will get you where you want to go. And it’s free.

So what are you waiting for?

What would you accomplish if you knew how to type?