Comfort Over Growth: A Sad Story

I just read a book which made me feel very uncomfortable. The author was born with dozens of broken bones due to brittle bone disease. [Update: For much more information about brittle bone disease, read this article.]

His bones are so weak, most falls or bumps will break one. He stopped counting broken bones after two hundred.


It was hard to read this book. It’s difficult to imagine growing up with such hardship. I don’t enjoy thinking about being three feet tall never walking due to deformed legs. I hate the thought of being confined to a wheelchair.

Reading this book made me feel very uncomfortable, to say the least.

And that is exactly why I decided to finish reading it.

Most of us barricade ourselves in our comfort zones. We restrict ourselves to a small bubble of friends, feelings, and activities. Only the things which make us feel good.

We naturally avoid or ignore what makes us feel unsafe or uncomfortable. We reinforce our bubbles and slowly shrink them until we feel no longer willingly experience any challenges whatsoever.

This is sad. It’s the complete opposite of growth.

I need to feel uncomfortable. So do you.

Because growth is just beyond the edge of where we feel secure.

Are you willing to grow at the expense of your comfort? Or will you choose to shrink instead?