The Next Telephone Pole

A marine once told me his strategy for running. He would get exhausted and want to quit. He fought a battle in both his mind and muscles, trying not to give up.


Yet he had to go on.

To keep himself going, he blocked out everything else and focused on just one thing.

Getting to the next telephone pole.

Then the telephone pole after that. He made bite-sized goals which kept him on target.

There’s wisdom here. Are you getting it?

You don’t have to become a stellar musician. You don’t have to start your own company. You don’t have to become wealthy. You don’t have to heal from your loss.

But you do need to pick up your instrument and practice. Or make that phone call to a potential customer. Or put money into your retirement this month. Or journal the painful feelings you have.

You have to get through this minute. This hour. Today. This is the only way you will ever be able to reach the big hairy audacious goals.

And once you’re done, you will do it all again.


What is the next telephone pole for you, right now?