Introduction to Pride

We don’t need any introduction to pride. We know all about it. Not the “I’m proud of my son” pride — not at all.

This is about something sinister and unhealthy.


But wait — pride sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it? Like something we should have, right?

Let’s see if you still feel the same way after reading more.

The general term of “pride” used here refers to the extremes which occur when pride is out of check. Much more on this later. For now, all you need to know is pride is not doing you any favors. Instead of an advantage, it is an anchor.

Huh? I’m lost.

Good. That means you’re trying to follow along. There’s a gold mine of wisdom available on this topic, and we have a ton of growing to do.

If we stop to analyze it all, we will just get caught up on what will make sense in a much broader context. Each entry, then, is merely a single pixel of the big picture of what we can learn about pride.

So let’s just get started and figure it out on the way.

What is your knee-jerk reaction to the concept of pride?