A Stab at a Working Definition

We might as well discuss a decent working definition of pride. It will likely evolve as we go, but let’s just take a stab at it now.

Pride is thinking of yourself in an unhealthy way: either too high or too low — too much or too little.


It rears its ugly head as an unhelpful and incorrect perspective of self. You’re not better than the next guy because you dress nicer. Likewise, you’re not less of a person because you are deep in credit card debt.

But pride attempts to corner us into thinking like this as often as possible.

Some people are vane in most aspects of life. Others are insecure by default. The rest of us alternate vanity and insecurity depending on the category: career, house, relationships, accomplishments, body, talents, and intelligence.

Regardless of the definition, the short story is this: pride isn’t working out so well.

How do you define pride?