Choose to Forget

You have every right to dwell on problems from your past. But that is a poor use of your mental and emotional resources, not to mention your time!

Instead, I urge you to use a subtle yet powerful strategy to free yourself from burdens you never needed to carry in the first place — if you will only choose to forget your problems, worries, and grudges.

I find I need to take notes about certain life events and powerful concepts to remember them clearly. Otherwise, they’re as good as gone, like they never happened.

One day, though, I realized this is something I can use to my own advantage. Forgetfulness can be a strength, for I am no longer burdened by something I can’t remember! I can breathe easier and deeper without constant awareness of my frustrations.

And now, there are many things I intentionally choose to forget.

I don’t take any pictures, I don’t write down any notes, and I don’t dwell on the circumstance any more than necessary so that I may soon forget and move on completely.

Before anyone takes this idea far further than intended, I am not talking about forgetting major problems that only get worse and worse. Some things will never go away by being ignored, and should never be forgotten. They have to be confronted and dealt with properly, the sooner the better. I absolutely do not recommend forgetting those things.

Instead, I’m talking about the frustrating puzzles in life that have no solutions, but can easily drive you crazy if you give them the chance.

But again — why would I willfully choose to forget events in my life? You’ve been reading this site long enough — you tell me.

Because there are too many experiences which, if I dwell on them, will only pull me down and tie me up in knots. And if I forget them, I am much better off. It frees me up to dwell on the good stuff.

Here’s to forgetting the right things, for your own sake.

Picture that memory you dwell on all too often. You know, the one that eats you up inside and makes you upset every time you think about it. What would your life be like if you forgot about it and moved on?