What Doesn’t Work Out (A Summary of What We’ve Been Learning)

Wife and I have been gathering experiences that lead to an underlying concept. It’s controversial and it definitely isn’t fun at first, but it is present in most everything we’ve gone through the last several years.

It is daunting, and it requires a big picture perspective to fully grasp the concept. And it seems to only make sense the more you encounter it.

(Enough talking about it already, because I hate when a person talks about something for ten minutes before telling you what it is!)

The more and more I think about it, the more I can accept this concept:

What doesn’t work out, does work out eventually.

But until then, it’s an absolute mess!

Really. Think about some “bad” things that did work out after the fact. Consider a few from our own past.

Jobs we have lost have pushed us into better career paths and even pay raises.

Family needs have brought us to locations where we needed to be.

Blocked opportunities have kept us available for fantastic opportunities later.

Overcoming bad habits with good ones has given us a platform to encourage others to do the same.

Specific awful events in our past have given us common ground and experience so we can counsel others going through the same thing.

The list goes on and on, just from these recent years.

“That’s no good,” you might say. “There’s nothing good that will come from my situation.”

I absolutely disagree.

Be patient and hopeful, and hang on.

Share one specific situation that didn’t work out at the time, but eventually worked out well.

  • I’ll go first. I worked on my car often in college. It was in bad shape. A random guy kept coming out to help me work on it, and now he’s a great friend. Your turn.