Mocked for the Right Reasons

There are definitely comments that bite and sting. But other times, people mock you in a way that is so absurd it doesn’t hurt at all. Then, it just becomes entertaining.

It’s important to realize how absurd these insults are, and to be able to laugh at them heartily!

Be amused by this random list of reasons I have been mocked and insulted:

  • For rollerblading
  • For getting out of debt
  • For trying to be honest
  • For not watching TV or the news
  • For not owning much stuff
  • For traveling with wheeled luggage, while those mocking me carried heavy backpacks. (I was way off, apparently.)
  • For taking time to do my job well. (It’s amazing this actually happened.)
  • For not buying a house with a huge mortgage
  • For wearing protective gear on the motorcycle. (Which happens fairly often, believe it or not.)
  • For understanding audio principles and how to mix live sound
  • For reading too much — by my boss, who said it while firing me!

Each of these insults has a story, and each story makes me smile. I’m quite okay with being mocked for reasons like this. In fact, I enjoy it!

Likewise, you can enjoy being mocked — especially when it’s absurd.

Tell about a time when you were mocked about something ridiculous. Did you take it personally?

  • Jill

    For weighing myself daily-just to maintain weight control

    • Makes sense to me.

      I forgot one — for not owning a lunchbox! (I used whatever random bag I could find instead.)