How to Start Reading

I talk to many people who really want to read more, but don’t for whatever reason. There are plenty of books that they feel like they have to read. Books they should read. Classic literature and self-help books that could change their lives.

But let’s face it — that strategy is not going to help anyone read more.

We like to make simple problems super complicated as humans. Maybe it’s because we have huge brains and we like crazy difficult puzzles. But enough disciplining yourself to do what you should — there’s a better way.

Try this instead.

Avoid all the stuff you should read — at least for now. You know, all those books people have recommended but you don’t have any desire to read.

Instead, just go read one single book you find interesting and exciting — something you will enjoy and delight in reading.

This way, your passions will naturally pull you toward books. This is internal motivation, which is much stronger than external motivations such as discipline or obligation, which push you to read.

One of the first books I read for enjoyment was iWoz — Steve Wozniak’s story about his life as an inventor and the creation of Apple. It helped whet my appetite and reminded me there is plenty of good stuff in books.

To get started on your own journey of personal growth through reading, I challenge you to read something that grabs your attention.

Then see where that leads you.

What’s something you would really enjoy reading? It could be anything from a non-fiction bestseller to a Nancy Drew book to War and Peace. Name the time and a place you will start reading it.