Which Decision Will You Regret the Least?

Don’t you hate tough decisions? It’s important you choose wisely, but it’s so hard to tell! Next time you need to make one of these, take a time out and think about the choices in front of you. Will you regret your choice later?


Once you’ve narrowed it down to your best two options, how do you decide between them? That is, without the regret?

Wife and I found ourselves in this predicament recently. Though we’re much better at making decisions than we used to be, we still spun our wheels.

I asked wife, “What decision will we regret the least?

This simple question created instant clarity! Before I was done saying the words, we both knew the answer.

If that’s not clear enough, try asking the question the opposite way:

What decision will I regret not doing the most?

Asked in this way, wife and I were immediately able to see how important it was for us to move to Florida years ago.

Here’s hoping this discovery will save you some time and frustration in your future decisions.

For more great information on making good decisions, I highly recommend reading Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath. Good stuff!

Think of a tough decision you have had to make. What made your choice clear?