When Preferences Change

You no longer like what you used to like. This includes music, TV shows, conversational topics, leisure activities, food, etc. Some of your old favorites don’t really interest you anymore.

You’re outgrowing your old preferences.


Your desires have changed, and you are starting to prefer better things.

This is a good sign.

Before, you had a certain lifestyle. You had a preference for certain types of entertainment, pastimes, topics, and maybe even food.

Then you started actively engaging in spiritual growth. Your preferences began to change, however slowly.

You used to like certain music. But now when you listen to it, you find it doesn’t captivate you like you remember it once did. You actually want to listen to something else instead. Something more positive, more meaningful.

TV shows you used to laugh at aren’t nearly as funny. Now they just seem crass and over the top. The lying and gossip on TV is beginning to bother you.


It’s weird to imagine how happy this stuff used to make you in the past. It’s odd to stop listening to your favorite band of many years.

Your old preferences are being displaced by better desires as you allow God to change you.

And it is all evidence of personal growth.

This is a very good sign.

Have your preferences ever changed for the better? What desires replaced them?