The Power to Change

Change is hopeless on your own. Without it, you will be doomed to wander around the same track of bad habits and their consequences.


The scenery might change, but it is still the same loop, over and over.

You do not have the ability to change.

What is the power source, then?

In case you missed the bad news, you don’t have the power to change on your own. Left to your own devices, you may be able to fall into a new trap a new way — you may change the details, but you won’t really ever change.

For example, you may struggle with drinking and manage to switch that habit to smoking instead. Either way, you might struggle with avoiding something you need to deal with.

You may struggle with materialism and shopping constantly. You eventually switch efforts to fast-tracking your career. But you may still be a slave to people-pleasing like always.

Back to the power source.

I struggled with quitting a bad habit for years. I tried plenty of strategies and tricks. But they weren’t enough. Yet that is long gone now, and I am not the man I used to be a few years ago.

Change didn’t happen until I plugged in the power source — God through me. It wasn’t until I got out of the way and let God work in me.

You might get upset about the spiritual references. It might make you uneasy how I bring God into this. But you’ve tried changing on your own, and it obviously hasn’t worked. You are reading this because badly need to change.

It’s incredibly scary. So what.

Letting go of your control (pride) and embracing faith in God unlocks lasting, meaningful change.

What is stopping you from having faith in God? Are the alternatives working?