The Law of Change

The question is not whether things will change; this is guaranteed. Waste no time wondering if you can stay the same. This is impossible.

Change will happen, and happen often.


The real questions is this: How will you respond to change when it calls your name?

Will you be overwhelmed? Will you play the victim? Will you kick and scream and claw at how things used to be?

Or will you jump in and make the best of it?

If you are taking laps on the track of life, then change happens each time you cross the line. Count on it.

What you control is your response. Positive or negative, useful or useless, growth or withering. You can make the best or worst of it.

Will this last setback take you down? Will you cower and drink and lament over the good old days? Or will you use your negative experiences as unlimited fuel for progress?

Change is upon you. The direction it sends you is your choice.

Does anyone go through life without any problems? If so, good for them. If not, why do some people grow while others wither away?