Sometimes It Sucks

Sometimes, it just sucks and there is just no winning as a leader.

You can steer clear of controversy. You can emphasize clear communication. You can listen to others sincerely, validating their feelings. You can weigh the options and plan the best solutions to tough situations.

You can even do the right thing at the right time.

…and yet, you might still be perceived by everyone as an idiot!

And it just sucks.

In their eyes, you made a very bad call. You should know better. You screwed it all up for everyone. You were doing what was most convenient. You were ignoring the truth. Shame on you.

Easy for them to say. But all hope is not lost, is it?

Sometimes you can clean up the mess. Sometimes you can wrap a problem up in a neat little bow. Sometimes you can dodge the bullet and save the day.

Other times, you are hung out to dry by those you risked your career to save.

But you were still right, and you still did the very best you could do with what you had available.

And in the end, the leadership vacuum sucks at the best of us.

PS – Just remember you are in great company with many other leaders doing the best they can despite the overwhelmingly negative responses of those following…

Why do we feel bad about our actions even when we have done the very best we could?