Exude Excitement!

Showing excitement can be very tough. It’s intimidating enough to stand in front of a class full of people! It’s daunting to realize they are relying on you to lead the group discussion.

So how do you keep people interested? What do you say? What is the secret to a great discussion?

Though I’m brand new to leading a group, I caught a glimpse of something absolutely astounding yesterday.

Everyone in the group was engaged in the discussion. They were making eye contact. They were listening intently. Some were even taking notes!

It was, like I said, astounding.

My co-leader John and I talked afterward and agreed it was a good group experience. I mean I thought it was, but he’s done this for five years and I’ve done it… well, just this one time!

I asked my wife why she thought the group went well. Her response?


John and I were smiling. We spoke with emotion and dynamics. We use hand gestures without thinking about it. We were passionate about the topic.

Simply put — we were excited!

And now I can’t stop thinking about how excitement feeds on excitement. One person’s excitement can quickly multiply into the twenty people listening.

Man, what a fun life lesson. And a hard one for me to learn, too… My tendency is to stand like a statue, explaining things in a monotone voice. Expressionless. (What do you expect from an engineer?!)

I won’t ever forget what yesterday taught me. Want to increase participation? Need to engage others?

Exude sincere excitement and see what happens.

Do you need be excited to get through to people?