Ooching: When in Doubt, Try it Out

Not sure if your idea is any good? Give it a few experimental tests. Why commit to a change if you don’t need to? Instead, just “ooch” it.

Some ideas can be so daunting that we never actually implement them. We talk ourselves out of change because it feels so drastic or unwise. But alas — nothing ventured, nothing gained.

As explained in the book Decisive, the word ooch means “to construct small experiments to test one’s hypothesis.” It’s “running small experiments to test our theories.”

It’s the opposite of a commitment. It’s an ooch!

Many times, total commitment is completely unnecessary. You don’t have to re-write the rulebook or completely change strategies just yet. You don’t have enough information yet.

And ooching is great for feeling out promise in a new direction. It answers the question, “Does this idea have potential?”

When you want to make a change but doubt its potential, why not try it a few times and evaluate its future afterward?

Plan Out Your Ooch

Be methodical about your experiment. Choose specific tests that will show the promise or demise of your idea. Take it seriously and do it well, so your team will benefit from the results.

Be specific with the terms. We will try this new method for 3 weeks, as long as these certain conditions are met. Five people will work at home for one month before we officially decide about telecommuting. We will spend $5,000 marketing the nonexistent product to gauge consumer interest.

When Not to Ooch

Of course, there are plenty of ideas that would not work well if they are ooched — such as getting a tattoo, buying a house, and having a kid.

This is not a “one technique fits all” solution to your obstacles and leadership needs.

But what if it’s the perfect way for you to test out a new management technique? What if it’s a great way to discover a new direction for your management, your product line, or even your company’s structure?

Examine your options, and see if you have a perfect candidate for a trial period.

Here’s a Crazy Thought

What if you could ooch hiring a new team member? Instead of having a conversion about work, why not actually give your applicants an assignment to do? You just might be surprised at who interviews very well, yet can’t do the actual work like their CV implies…

Not convinced about the power of ooching? Ooch it and see how it goes!

What if ooching would convince you an idea is perfect for your team’s future?