Rigorous Filtering

The most successful, most determined, most achieving people are the best at saying no. They are painfully aware of the precious moments they have to do only what is most important, what they are most passionate about.


Any other opportunities must be cut rigorously and without apology in order make great progress in the direction they are driven.

Nearly everything else is filtered away.

Yes, even good or great causes with noble goals. Opportunities to make tons of money which do not align with their inner sense of meaning for their lives.

They are able to make decisions easily. Either something helps their life’s purpose or it is a distraction from it and thus does damage to it.

There is such clarity and purpose in the following statement.

“I won’t be there. I have to write my book.”

This is such a narrow filter which only allows the most intentional commitments through.

Creativity is strict. But this rigorous filtering allows you to spend your time, energy, and money on passions. Not distractions.

How do you filter opportunities?