Planned Neglect I: The Concept

One of the best parts about being an adult is the ability to say “yes” to anything I want. If I have the money for a technology gadget, I have the freedom to purchase it.

Many good opportunities will come around and of course you jump in! I mean, why not?


Yet it seems this is also one of the worst parts, too — the ability to do whatever you want. It quickly leads to entitlement. And discontentment. And busyness.

And never achieving your goals.

Without discipline and restraint, that is.

Time and attention and energy are finite. It’s obvious you only have so many decades to live, but it’s less obvious how little of it you use on the most intentional of activities. Goals with eternal value. Prioritizing relationships over stuff, giving over taking, growing over groaning.

Introduce planned neglect.

The willful turning away from everything which is not a part of your biggest goal. The desire to ignore anything which seems good but is really an obstacle. Locking your eyes on the target and not even noticing the distractions.

God put you here for a reason. He has a job for you to do it. The ridiculously big idea you which overwhelms you every time you think about it.

How will you ever get your life’s work done?

Planned neglect.

What is your life’s work? No, this is not a rhetorical question!