Recovering Your Unique Selling Proposition

Realizing your quirks can add value to the world

I’ve been reading a bunch of marketing books lately in an effort to better understand what special services wife and I are able to offer the world: our unique selling proposition. When we first started this discovery process, though, it was overwhelming.


It has taken many months to grasp what makes us unique. Now we’re realizing we do have a USP, and we can add tremendous value to small businesses.

Have you thought about your unique selling proposition? What is it? Share your USP as a comment.

A couple of years ago, we were still convinced we had nothing special to benefit others. We felt far away from our dream of starting a company, forced to stay in salary positions until retirement. I’m glad to say we are finally past this helpless victim thinking.

It was silly to think we didn’t have a USP. As Jon Acuff would say, it is a process of recovery more than discovery. We needed to dig through our past and find something we are passionate about which is not covered well in our target market.

Turns out, there’s some good stuff to choose from. And we are confident to pursue a few avenues and find out which one will work for Team Ralon.

I wouldn’t say we’re done yet, but if nothing else, we’re so much closer to figuring it out. It’s no longer a black box. Pretty encouraging.

What about you? Do you know and have confidence in your USP?