New Hire, Part 5

[7:45am, Day Five. David places his bag lunch in the fridge, then sits at his computer in his cube. He sees that the control panel is open and network settings are up. Apparently, IT work was being done remotely. His head is canted while he interprets the information on the screen.]

David: [Writing in his notebook] “I get the sneaky feeling that my computer will need Windows Professional installed in order to work properly on the network. Currently it has the ‘Home’ version. *huge sigh*”

[Deep in thought, he pauses before writing more] “IT has been configuring my machine, to my surprise. Actually, there have been many surprises this week. Am I completely ignorant, or is Albert allergic to communication?”

[David goes to speak with Janet]

Janet: “IT told me you need to install the operating system? I assume you know what you’re doing. Here is the DVD for Windows Professional. You should keep the DVD for that other huge program I had to ask Albert about yesterday. Did you already install it?”

David: [Smiling at the silliness of the situation] “Of course I did, and it took several hours.”

Janet: “Well, you’ll need to do that again as well.”

[David holds back his shear joy at the situation. He goes back to his desk.]

David: [In the notebook again] “Today I am installing and configuring everything, again, starting from scratch. Luckily I am well practiced from the first day’s setup, and again on the second day when I had to switch computers. I guess that’s one way to spend the entire first week…”