Mistakes Worth Making

I make mistakes. Many of them.

Sometimes my mistakes are insignificant. Sometimes I forget things — omissions. Other times I make bad calls that cause ridiculous problems — commissions.


I’m bound to make plenty more mistakes. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am far from perfect.

But I’ve decided some mistakes are very important to make.

Some mistakes are made while trying. While looking for the solution. While experimenting with options which don’t work out.

Meanwhile, other mistakes are made because out of fear of trying. While avoiding the task at hand. While delaying the inevitable.

The first kind — mistakes by commission — can be painful. They cause problems and stir the pot. But they are en route to progress and needed change.

These are mistakes to be proud of.

The second kind — mistakes by omission — are much worse. They negatively reinforce a downward spiral.

Finally, if you’re not making any mistakes at all, you’re probably not doing anything of value.

This is safest, of course. No one can critique you unless you do anything. You let fear have its way and stay in the shadows.

Yet this is a sad and unfulfilling way to live.

Here’s to making mistakes — at work, at home, at church, and in relationships.

And not just for the fun of it, but in order to gain progress one step at a time.

Share a good mistake you made recently. How does it feel to call it good?