To Hell with Pride

I see people destroying careers and families and friendships. I see people caught in a cycle of trying to please others.

An enemy is among us.

The enemy is so sly and cunning that we hardly think of it. Yet it infiltrates our thoughts and actions.

It enslaves us in a whirlpool of victimization and self-pity. Or, it drives us to demand perfection and endless service from others, never content with the world around us.

We are slaves to pride, and it shows.

Pride is why we can’t stand to lose an argument. Or be caught doing something wrong. Or not appear to have it all together. Or send food back to the kitchen.

Pride is why we mock our wives to get approval from coworkers. And why we buy new cars for the heck of it. And why we over-commit.

And why we lie. And why we drink too much. And why we are late all the time, making everyone else wait for us.

It is why we complain more than compliment, criticize instead of encourage, and correct others in public.


It’s tearing us apart — and it makes me sick.

I’m officially declaring war on you, pride.

Are you in? And now a harder question: Why or why not?