Growing with the Support of a Solid Friend

Sometimes support is a distraction. You can become obsessed with finding people who agree with you or support your cause.

However, that is not what this post is about!

It is about establishing accountability with a solid friend who will walk with you on your journey for growth.


Though it may be possible to change without this kind of support, the encouragement you find will fuel you to keep going. And, solid friends will hold you to the path you yourself want to take.

Think of them as the supports on either side of small trees, pulling on the trunk to help it grow straight.

At some point in my own journey, I realized isolation wasn’t helping. I kept my skeletons deep in my closet so I could appear to have it all together to everyone else. (Pride is behind thoughts like this, but that discussion will have to continue in a book one day!)

Inside, however, I was more than a bit miserable.

Gradually, I started sharing my skeletons with close, trusted friends who made a safe place for me. They weren’t judgmental. They didn’t gasp at my flaws and gossip about my failures to others. Instead, they listened attentively and even prayed with me.

And, beyond that, they shared some of their own flaws and failures. They spoke of their own goals for growth.

It helps so much to know you are in good company.

And you are not alone on this journey for growth.

Have you exposed the skeletons in your closet? If not, why? Think of specific friends who will gladly support you as you change and grow.