Displacement III: The Empty Garage

Think of a garage you’ve seen. Was it empty? What did it look like inside?

A motorcycle. Bicycles. Sports equipment. Outdoor equipment. Camping chairs. Decorations. Toolboxes. Furniture. Piles of cardboard boxes and plastic tubs. Science fair projects and dog kennels.

Maybe a car.


A bunch of stuff.

But how often do you see an empty garage?

It’s rare. And odds are very good it was because the car was elsewhere or the house was for sale!

But garages have a nasty habit of not remaining empty. They love to fill up with anything and everything.

Your life is a big garage. And you get to fill it however you want.

Will you fill your garage with television? With books? Or a project car that gets your spare time and money?

You could fill it with family and friends. Or a career.

Perhaps an appropriate, balanced blend which represents your priorities and values.

Or, if you’re particularly unintentional, you might just have a giant pile of stuff. Trinkets and knick-knacks and old electronics and even some garbage. You might look at it and wonder where all of your valuable space went.

Not cool.

But maybe you’ve had a change of heart. Maybe you’ve decided to clean up your life and clean out your garage. You have even singled out the bad habits (garbage) you want to remove.

But if you don’t have anything better to put in that space, you might just be making room for more unintentional clutter.

Choose wisely, for it’s way easier to maintain an organized garage than it is to clean and make room in a messy one.

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What do you want to make room for in your life? Maybe your career, a spouse or child, a hobby, or an important goal? Is there room for it?