Demystifying Tough Concepts and Asking Simple Questions

Don’t you just love someone who can explain a tough concept so it makes complete sense? This is demystifying — breaking down a concept into its most basic parts and explaining its purpose in simple terms.

People who demystify are priceless.


Demystification does NOT mean dumbing down concepts. It is pulling a student along instead of pushing them in the right direction. It is inciting a taste for something interesting by uncovering its mysteries.

It is explaining something difficult in a clear and simple way.

Right now I am a full-time software engineering. I probably shouldn’t need to ask questions about simple computer programming concepts, right?

Wrong. I am constantly asking my demystifying friends about programming. I play dumb and ask simple questions about why certain “best practices” exist. I ask lots of questions about fundamental concepts I should probably understand already.

I want to know why, and these people pull back the curtain on the thinking behind the principle so I can understand the big picture.

It’s so meta!

And guess what — I’m learning way more now from demystifying people than I ever did in my programming classes.

All of you who love teaching others without being condescending are undervalued. You tirelessly answer even the simplest of questions. You wait patiently for that light bulb to flash on as you ignite interest in others.

Don’t be too proud to ask a simple question. And don’t be too proud to answer simply.

Demystifying people are incredibly refreshing. Be one!

Plus, they’ll never say, “It’s easy, you just“…

How does it feel when someone is condescending to you? Does it inspire you to grow?