It’s Easy, You Just…

These four words have got to be my second least favorite, right after “I told you so.” They minimize and invalidate and frustrate people everywhere.

“It’s easy, you just…”

[insert a vastly over-simplified explanation of a complicated topic here]


I’m sure I’ve said it before. I’ve belittled others by making their struggle seem easy.

But these four words have been said to me too many times.

And I won’t be saying them again.

Instead of demystifying, you have widened the gap between a man and what he is reaching for by disregarding the effort it takes to get there.

You may be an expert at many things. Let’s say you are.

But if the facets you have mastered are the tip of my pinky finger, then all available facets of life are a football field.

It’s easy for you to say it’s easy. It’s tough for someone to understand what you know thanks to talent or practice. It makes you sound arrogant and condescending, even though you don’t mean to come across that way.

I’m glad it’s easy for you. Honestly! We need people you like to teach us what you know so well. Let’s just try expressing your “encouragement” differently next time.

Maybe something like this…

“It’s not easy. It’s pretty difficult, at least until you know a few tricks. Would you like any help?”

Why is it so easy to forget no one else knows what we know?